Impact after school league is an idea whose time has come.  Players get free play for the first two meetings.  At the 3rd meeting, teams are chosen and full court games begin.  Starting with the 4th meeting Free Voluntary Clinic lasting 35-40 minutes will be run for players who would like extra /training to better their games.  The free training is open to participants that are currently registered.   

It's as much about family entertainment as it is basketball.  The league is meant to get more parents involved in the lives of their kids.  Parents are encouraged to coach or become Genaral Managers for various teams. 

Teams are formed via an NBA type draft lottery.  In addition, trades are allowed through-out the first 4 games of the season.  League rules also provides a time during the game when only second string players can be on the court, needless to say - everyone that signs up for the league must play in each game.

This may be the ultimate fun league for kids as both a 3 and a 5 point line are norms through-out games. 

The league is run over a six week period on Friday nights 6:30pm-8:30pm and Saturdays 9:am-12 noon at P.S. 80 in Rochdale Village.  There are 2 divisions...  Genesis Division...ages 7-10 and the Psalms Division - ages 10-14.

The league has been in existance for more than 27 years and specializes in various levels of training from beginners to advanced.  To see other services /sports that we offer, please visit www.nyIMPACT.com.